Power to Transform your Processes

AC Transformers, MFDC / Inverter and DC Power Supplies for Resistance Welding,
Glass, Furnace, Heating, Plating and Solar

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RoMan Manufacturing
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Smaller, lighter and more efficient


RoMan Manufacturing specializes in small, lightweight Water-Cooled AC Transformers, DC Power Supplies, MFDC (Medium-Frequency) and Inverter Power Supplies for high-power / high-current applications.


We are a "Design Capable Manufacturer" with high-level engineers able to create a standard or custom water-cooled power solution to meet a wide range of configurations.


RoMan transformers and power supplies are found in the Welding, Glass, Furnace, Resistance Heating, Plating and Solar industries.

RoMan Transformers and Power Supplies


New light-weight transformer
The next generation of MFDC Power Supplies

RoMan has developed new line of lightweight MFDC power supplies for use on the latest generation of ultralight welding guns.

60 KVA Boost Transformer
1000 - 3000 AMP Boost Transformer

RoMan has developed a really "cool", high efficient boost transformer that can be "closely-coupled" / mounted a few feet from your glass furnace.



RoMan Manufacturing Announces that R & E Automated Systems Has Acquired One of its Subsidiaries - RoMan Engineering Services